Coin-op Pays Out When You Win

The days of plugging coins into a stand up arcade game are sadly dwindling. [Dirk] figured out a way to prolong the nostalgia by incorporating currency back into the experience in a useful way. He rebuilt the video game Raiden to pay out a prize when you win the game. Now it takes a coin for each play but if you make it to the end you can recoup the expense.

[Dirk] took an original cabinet game, did some dangerous work to replace the old CRT monitor, and retrofit a MAME machine to handle the gaming. He’s using Windows and had some problems because of it but, as you can see after the break, things worked out in the end. The hopper hardware that spits out coins went through several steps from the initial design to the finished product, but it has always been based around a PIC controller connected to the MAME box via parallel port. This is a fun addition to any MAME cabinet.


15 thoughts on “Coin-op Pays Out When You Win

  1. yep its a good thing he wore those kitchen sink rubber gloves, whenever I play with dangerous electrical equipment I always cheap out and use something not rated for this line of work at all.

  2. “discharge all that pent up teen angst from the capacitors inside the monitor.”

    really? and here I was thinking all along that the inside of a crt is mostly space under vacuum

    all along it was filled up with capacitors, stupid me!

    now wheres my pink gloves, I need a ton of 103’s and I have a old compact mac in the car, the smaller the screen the smaller the capacitors, … right?

  3. oh and I love trying to use tweakUI and then finally editing the windows registry to get auto login to work

    start -> run -> cmd -> control userpasswords2


  4. He should have had his right hand in his back pocket when he did the actual discharge. He did pretty good still, even tho the kitchen gloves are about useless. But with his free hand in his back pocket, not right near the chassis as it is, anything that could pass through his body should he make a mistake won’t cross his heart, it’ll shoot down his leg. Not pleasant, but not as life threatening either.

  5. CRTs aren’t dangerous at all; the worst you’ll get is an uncomfortable shock. I’ve accidentally touched a charged CRT’s anode with one hand, and ground with the other, and I’m still alive. There are too many people who mess with electricity who think that if it doesn’t come out of a 7805 it’ll kill you.

  6. yeah , those gloves really won’t help, however grounded screwdriver does work, heck sometimes you can even just get away with touching the screwdriver to it. afterward you pull of the back PCB and smash the little glass tube. or you do like me when i was a kid and throw glass bottles at the screen till it asplodes, learned about vacuum and glass really quick =)

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