Driving With Android


[Elrik] converted an RC car so that it can be controlled with an Android phone. He wisely uses the accelerometer for steering with a button for forward and another for reverse. There’s even control for the headlights. The car itself has had a servo retrofit for steering but it’s the Bluetooth module that catches our eye. It’s a GP-GC021 which you can get your hands on for under $20. It has a serial UART for easy interface with a microcontroller at up to 9600 baud.

Now you can convert over that larger vehicle to use Bluetooth instead of WiFi, just don’t hurt yourself. And if you’re just starting out with writing Android apps, don’t miss our series: Android Development 101.

5 thoughts on “Driving With Android

  1. The android source is missing from the page.

    Nice to see this done, but would have been cheaper to get a car that already had direction control. Then the attiny could have controlled it with normal transisters.

  2. You’ve been able to get those bluetooth modules cheaply for a while. Seedstudio has a good one (Master/Slave configurable) for 20ish. Ebay also has Slave only 9600 baud for ~12.

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