Robot Boxing With Wrist Watches

The classic injection molded plastic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots has been upgraded to use motion control. The project uses four TI Chronos watches, one on each wrist of both players. In the video after the break we get a good look at the guts of the base unit. We’re quite impressed with the quality craftsmanship that went into retrofitting the plastic bots with four servos each. The electronics include some bells and whistles such as an SD card that records scores and can replay a match via saved inputs. If you’ve got a couple of these watches on hand we’d love to see you port this project and make it a Punchout controller.

7 thoughts on “Robot Boxing With Wrist Watches

  1. head seems like it’s on a hair trigger and going up when it’s not supposed to (i know that’s just how the game is made but they probably could have devised a better point system)

    lol at aj from the launchpad vids

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