Nerf Mind Bullets

[Chris] thinks that using your brain to control your trigger finger is a passé way of operating a toy firearm. Instead, he’s using his mind to fire foam bullets at whatever he thinks needs to pretend-die. To read his will, he’s chosen the Neurosky MindWave, a device that we just looked at for servo control. That hack shows how to patch into the USB dongle that comes with the device, but [Chris] opted to use a BlueSMiRF module from Sparkfun to connect the headset to an Arduino via Bluetooth.

The rest of the hack involves modifying the gun for automatic firing. It’s a Nerf Stampede, which takes six D-cells to power the electrical firing system. [Chris] didn’t want to carry that weight around in the body of the weapon itself so he installed a port for external power and added a firing mechanism at the same time. It uses relays to complete the circuit normally operated by the trigger. Now logic-level signals have no problem dispensing justice from the brightly-colored device.

[via Make]

9 thoughts on “Nerf Mind Bullets

  1. <>

    Magic Smoke!!! He could have prevented that by using multi-color cabling. Sure he has some fancy jumper wire, but still..
    With everything moving to fiber optics, it is not that hard to find color phone line cable lying around on the streets.

  2. I have one of these stampede’s and they are damn heavy for a toy gun, this hack just made me think of making a belt battery pack for it instead of having the 6 D cell’s will update on the out come in the next few weeks

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