RFID Smart Card Reader

[Navic] wrote in to show us his latest project. This is a portable smart card reader with a nice LCD display. he just happened to have a Basic Stamp 2px, smart card reader, and smart card reader/writer sitting around waiting to be used. What better use than a hand held smart card reader?  Tossing the bits together in a nice project enclosure, [Navic] scoured the code available to him and pieced together what he needed. Now, when you slide in a card, you get a nice readout of the data on that pretty blue screen. Unfortunately, if you pull the card before the read is finished, everything just freezes.

You can see the final video after the break, and you can also see some in-progress videos linked in youtube. He asks if he should add the ability to write, and we say YES. Store that data, then write (duplicate) to another device.


9 thoughts on “RFID Smart Card Reader

  1. not Identity theft but useful information for a business on a shoestring. Why pay thousands of dollars for a greed filled corporation two piously claim that only they have the right to steel( dramatically over charge). when the tech is available through hacks like this. knowledge is power and it belongs to all of us. Not just the greedy rich. read Mathew 19 verse 24.
    This is a great hack and I for one am happy to see it published

  2. no-one who is sane would put the amount of money due to an account would trust the what is in an individual card as the accurate account of a customer account. The account would have to be on the business’s own data base. So any hacker could only change the account number of the card. If they could come up with an account worth hacking. the multiple levels of security requiring a account number and an individual password would make hacking an account very difficult if not impossible.
    So lets let people new to business have a fair chance to start their operations. With out the interference from the greedy rich!

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