10 thoughts on “The Laser Guided Wheelchair

  1. I agree @Hirudinea, sounds like recycling HP printer scan assemblies might be a way to reduce costs.

    Could do the same with cheap webcams from AA1 and other small netbooks as the resolution needed is not very high- I looked into using these as a 3D microscope not so long ago and the only snag is connecting to two video streams on the same PC as the software doesen’t want to play nice.

    BTW HaD have you considered doing a monthly competition with a prize, a la 555 contest?

  2. why not just have a normal wheelchair?
    it’s not like blind people have proper jobs to go to or anything, so they don’t really need to be anywhere, and most people are nice enough to get out of the way when they see one coming.

  3. Speaking of haptic devices I’m still amazed by the possibility of these devices, like the one seen time ago on Instructables:
    I suspect that a number of these devices tied to wrists, knees, head, back or seamed into clothing might open (possibly they do it already) new areas of support to sight-disabled people.
    It is amazing how the brain re-maps senses.

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