XBMC Controller Is An All-in-one Usb Solution For HTPCs

On the original Xbox, XBMC was a software-only solution (assuming you had a chipped or soft-modded console). That’s because the Xbox was already meant to connect to a television and work with an IR remote control. Now that the XBMC software has transitioned to focus on a wider range of hardware, it may be more complicated to get the same functionality on an HTPC. Realizing this, [Dilshan] developed a USB connected XBMC controller that features an IR receiver, character LCD, and a rotary encoder with two buttons.

As long as your HTPC has a way to connect to the audio and video inputs on your TV, this should take care of the rest of the presentation. LCD screens were popular with XBMC from very early on because modchips included an interface. Because of this, XBMC is already setup to provide navigation and media information this way. So you can use XBMC for audio playback without needed to have your TV turned on. Add to that the ability to control your box with either  a remote control or the navigation tools on the front bezel and you’ve got a winning solution.

You can download an archive that includes all the info about this device over at the project repository. For your convenience we’ve embedded the schematic and PDF description of the project, which we found in that package, after the break.

[PDF project explantion]

5 thoughts on “XBMC Controller Is An All-in-one Usb Solution For HTPCs

  1. Personally, I just use a cheap IR receiver that cost me about $5 and now I have complete control over my HTPC with my Harmony Remote. I don’t need it to play music without the TV on because that functionality is already there on my receiver. Still a pretty cool hack though, I could see some people finding it very useful.

  2. yea, i just use a £10 remote control using lirc.

    for music, i use media player daemon with the mpd xbmc addon, so i can control it from xbmc or from my phone, netbook, desktop etc. seems easier than crouching in front of the computer and messing with a couple of buttons and a dial.

    i guess you could route the usb cable around the room and place it next to the sofa though

  3. I use my Android phone as an xbmc remote, but this project is good if you don’t wanna use wifi. I think it would be really cool if one could run a usb cord hidden across their living room and install the remote in their sofa or recliner.

  4. I have always used an original xbox IR receiver on my computer, uses standard rca dvd codes so i can use a universal remote. Works pretty well. I like this idea though.

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