Sound Activated Flash For High Speed Photography

High speed video is everywhere these days, but the cameras and necessary equipment is a bit out of reach for a hobbyist. [Bassam] found a compromise and came up with a way to shoot high-speed photographs using a sound triggered flash.

[Bassam] started off by taking apart a disposable camera for the flash bulb and capacitor. After that, a circuit was designed that picks up a signal from a microphone, compares that to a preset threshold, and then uses a 555 timer to trigger the flash. The shutter of a DSLR can be left open in a dark room, so all that is needed to capture a moment in time is the snap of a finger. [Bassam] also posted gallery with the fruits of his labors.

Although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a high-speed camera hack, the simplicity of [Bassam]’s build is impressive. He designed a single sided board for his circuit, and the parts are very common so it should be an inexpensive build.

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