Effortlessly Troll Your Friends Each Time They Reach For A Snack


If you’re trying to lose some weight, [Grissini] has got the just the thing you need!

He recently tweaked his refrigerator to throw out insults each time its opened, though not for his own physical well-being. While we imagine that an abusive refrigerator would help curb your appetite for late night snacks, [Grissini] makes no bones about the fact that he simply wants to effortlessly and automatically troll his roommates.

The device is pretty simple, consisting of an Arduino and an Adafruit wave shield stuffed inside a styrofoam coffee cup. A photocell is used to detect when the refrigerator door has been opened, triggering the Arduino to play a sound bite from the on-board SD card. [Grissini] even spent a good chunk of time working with a text to speech engine in order to create a customized list of insults that point out his friends’ idiosyncrasies – what a guy!

Continue reading to see his abusive fridge in action, and be sure to check out his Instructableto learn how to make your own.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29971150 w=470]

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29971304 w=470]

11 thoughts on “Effortlessly Troll Your Friends Each Time They Reach For A Snack

      1. Saying the truth isn’t so much a troll, the video makes it indeed very hard to hear the actual message, but I think a large part of that is the camera’s inbuilt microphone.
        To put it in your terms: If you want to berate other posters and curb their speech try becoming a mod on the steam forums or gawker or something.

  1. Its all cool baby, If Doc Oct had read the instructable I did, he would have read that it was because of the built in mic on a laptop, Sounds real good in person. Just turn up ur mike and be sure to check of the video “Where Does Mayo Come From?” Doc Oct is probably a tubby sucker and doesn’t like his obesity addressed so bluntly. Enya and Rick Astley will be next.

  2. Just had a great HAD idea! HAD needs two areas to post per project. one for, good job, nice project type comments and another for trolling!

    People want to make bad comments and put down other peoples projects…let them do it but in a seperate post area. troll post area?

    p.s. nice job on the speaker cup project.
    t.p.s maybe hide it better and make it louder.

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