[Alex] Shows Us What Happens When Dance Dance Revolution Meets Simon


[Alex] was digging through his closet and came upon an old PS2 game pad for Dance Dance Revolution. He hated the idea of throwing it out just slightly more than the idea of playing DDR again, so he decided to find a way to reuse it.

He was a big fan of the game Simon (aka Genius) as a kid and thought that the DDR pad would make a novel interface for the classic game. Using the PS2XLib by [Bill Porter], which allows an Arduino to easily communicate with a PS2 controller, [Alex] put his Simon replica together in no time flat.

He painted an empty ice cream container with the classic Simon colors, installing a small LED under each quadrant, then wrote the game’s code.

As you can see in the video below, his version of the game works nicely, and forces you to actually get up and move a bit, which we like.


5 thoughts on “[Alex] Shows Us What Happens When Dance Dance Revolution Meets Simon

  1. The mat doesn’t light-up. I don’t know if the original mat does, but this was a “generic/similar” mat. It wasn’t even recognized by the Android PS2 lib. It works well when it’s feed by the 3.3V from Arduindo, being Arduindo feed by a 9V batt.

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