Hot Enough For Ya? Super-cold Cocktail-pops Will Help

The staff of Instructables know how to cut loose and cool off in this already-too-hot summer. They’re making their own popsicles out of cocktails. If only everyone were lucky enough to have employers who endorse these kinds of projects at work.

So the problem here is the the freezing point of liquor. Your margarita, daiquiri, strawberry with champagne, white russian and other favorites just aren’t ever going to solidify in a run-of-the-mill freezer because zero degrees Fahrenheit just won’t cut it. So the big guns were brought to bear. The cocktail-pops were lined up in a container and dowsed with liquid nitrogen.

The substance boils off at around -321 F, more than cold enough to quickly freeze these alcoholic goodies. But use caution. After they’ve been frozen you need to throw them in the freezer to warm them up. The first guinea pigs burned their tongues when trying to lick the pops too soon.

Don’t want to buy your liquid nitrogen? Why not just make your own?

17 thoughts on “Hot Enough For Ya? Super-cold Cocktail-pops Will Help

  1. maybe some kind of jelling agent is required. I know you can make jello-shots, perhaps the jello could be frozen into a popsickle successfully under regular freezer temperatures?

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s frostbitten their tongue trying to make a colder alcoholic drink . :)

    In retrospect, blending dry ice into frozen pina coladas wasn’t a good idea. While it was delightfully cold with a hint of smoke, the occasional larger bit of dry ice sticking to the tongue was definitely no fun.

    1. I wonder if a shaved ice machine might be a good solution? I know mine produced a very fine shave with no chunks.

      I remember reading a cold-weather survival guide. Many would imagine that alcohol would help them to warm up, but in fact, in cold weather (or having placed it in the freezer) alcohol can remain liquid below the freezing temp of water, and thus when imbibed, can freeze the esophagus! o.O

      1. Also, drinking alcohol can make you *feel* warmer, but it causes your actual body temperature to drop. Add in the potential to make bad decisions/have slower reactions under the influence, and you realise it makes a very bad survival drink.

    1. At least they have a good reason, they could be wasting time doing actual work (despite the stench of sarcasm here, I like it – and id much prefer other stuff held up due to this than due to paperwork)

  3. Insane; dangerous; worth a shot.

    1) Want high tech booze delivery? Vaporize and inhale it. Fast and efficient, and you can discuss why it was a very bad idea when you get back out of the E.R. – really, not as bad of an idea as various rectal delivery schemes, but still…

    2) Like really cold drinks? Use a cocktail shaker – it’s an amazingly efficient and classy way to make a very, very cold drink in a jiffy – and you get a little aerobic exercise as a freebie!

    3) using liquor (any high proof 70+ booze)instead of water as the liquid will make an excellent pie crust that will astound people – alcohol will evaporate and leave it as flakey as it can be.
    Stick with low flavor for best effect, although I’m going to try a bit of curaco one of these days.

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