Nyan Cat Built Into The Wall Of A House

You’re going to need your best negotiating skills if you want to convince your significant other to let you add your own Nyan Cat to the kids’ room. This goes a bit deeper than just mounting something on the wall. The LEDs which light up this Nyan Cat installation are actually in the wallboard itself.

Luckily, this is actually a ‘playground for grown-up kids’. [Schinken] and his fellow hackerspace members built it at their location in Bamberg, Germany. It started as a Nyan Cat scarf, which was easy enough to hang on the wall. To make it sparkle they added sixteen LEDs. But you won’t see the wires from either side. A hole was drilled at the location of each diode, with a trench chiseled between them. This makes room for the wires, and was covered with spackle before painting. It turned out to be a pretty simple way to add a focal point to the room, and it certainly has the appropriate level of geekiness for a hackerspace.

13 thoughts on “Nyan Cat Built Into The Wall Of A House

  1. Interest work… I guess maybe it’s “art”…

    But… chiseling grooves and drilling holes for this? I can think of a dozen more preferable ways to handle implementation of this sort of thing that would yield similar results but would result in less wall damage, less install time and less removal time.

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