7400 Logic Competition Winners Announced

The 7400 Logic Competition has drawn to a close. The winners were announced and there are quite a few of them. There were fifteen first place winners named, nine second place, and nineteen third place projects. The bounty of quality entries is a testament to the popularity of the contest. It helps to have a wide range of prizes and the post linked above lists all of the sponsors who donated goodies as an incentive.

The board seen above was awarded the reader’s choice, to which the grand prize was awarded. It is a 7400 series calculator. [Umair Mukati] and [Naveed Ahmed] — both are students at the Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering in Karachi, Pakistan — developed the device as part of a class project. It is capable of adding or subtracting two digit numbers. This includes support for negative numbers as results. We’ve embedded a video demo of the calculator in action after the break.

[Thanks Nick]

12 thoughts on “7400 Logic Competition Winners Announced

  1. So, its been awhile since I was in school, but in my digital logic course we built an 8bit calculator. The difference here are the push buttons and there they just used a chip that did the conversion with a shift register to make it work. I guess I was expecting more from the grand prize winner. I thought the FPGA, and RFID were the top projects.

    1. the guys who made the calculator got their whole class to vote, so that’s why they won

      it’s not a bad project, but probably not what i’d call the “winner”

      there were a lot of good projects

  2. Some of the second and third places are much better then some of the first places. Strange rating. The BEAM robot for example is simply fake as the circuit is trivial and can be found a hundred times by typing “beam+circuit” into google’s picture search.
    It’s also strange that the “CPLD-based 8×8 game-of-life” can be found in this contest and even reaches 1st place.

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