Shock Sword Works Best On Foes Who Fight With Multiple Blades


This project most certainly has some of Trailer Park Boys rolled into it. We say that because the living room is the only place this will ever been used and this guy’s reaction to getting shocked is exactly how [Ricky] would respond.

The sword on the left has an electronic stun mechanism built into it. it works by energizing two blades which are separated by nylon bolts and spacers. Look closely at the tip and you’ll see the blue glow which indicates high voltage. To shock your victim you have to touch them with both blades at the same time. This is demonstrated in one of the videos after the break. But the real pain comes when [Jonathan] — the guy who built the stun sword — touches it on either side with this pair of blades. His body completes the connection and his NSFW language tells the tale of how it feels.

This thing seems to pack a bit more of a punch than our own stun-gun enabled quadcopter.

Hardware description:

Shock tests:

[Thanks Rush]

57 thoughts on “Shock Sword Works Best On Foes Who Fight With Multiple Blades

  1. By my understanding this is one of the more dangerous ways to play with electricity. Causing current to pass from one arm to each other means it travels through your heart; this can be bad.

    1. Try playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. One of the weapons (as best as i can describe it) Is a lance with a rocket engine flame thrower in the tip. And the chainsaw dual blades. then there’s the revolver warhammer…THOSE make THIS look reasonable. Clearly we have to make working replicas.

  2. I really hope natural selection runs its course here, I mean…touching the other contestant (who appears to be topless) with two blades causing a shock across the chest cavity, come on, that’s almost too easy.

  3. everyone that complained about this post is an idiot.

    A: completing a circuit from a taser with your hands is just as dangerous as getting shot by one in the chest. these things are built to stun not kill. yea yea, in some ultra-rare cases people have been killed but only because they had preexisting heart conditions.

    B. a “Jackass Hack” this is not. This is actually a pretty fuckin badass hack that most people have always wanted to do, you’re just jealous that he beat you do it.

    C: TPB is a gift sent from the Canadian gods eh! Now crack open a cold one and lets throw some cheese burgers at Randy.

    And finally, the only unsafe part of this entire hack that I honestly didn’t like was the charging method. “Lets just plug this sword into the wall and it should be fine!” I don’t like using electrical tape as a housing, and secondly I don’t like plugging things into my walls that could potentially start a fire if accidentally tripped over.

    Let the great shit-storm of rage-posts begin!

    1. ad A
      Not true at all !
      Taser electrodes are close to each other so current path is relatively short and it cannot go too deep. But if you close circuit by both hands, its going through chest, heart etc. So its much more dangerous.

      1. You’re thinking of a stun gun. A taser fires two electrodes into the body. One shoots straight, the other falls, ensuring a path across the body. If you shoot someone in the chest with a taser you are most likely forming a current path across the heart.

        1. This thing is obviously made from a handtaser, the one with the 2 prongs sticking out.

          And yes you can get heart issues from such games, and no you being ‘fit’ does not help you against damage to the signaling system of your heart.

  4. Hmmm….makes me wonder. Can you take two plates insulate them so only a edge is open to an air gap and put enough voltage through it to create a continuous plasma arc across the entire edge. Would it cut through some materials like butter?

  5. It doesn’t matter whether or not it crosses the heart hard enough to kill him. What it can do is sending the heart out of rythm which can also be fatal in the longer run. I guess evolution is not quite done yet and the human race is still evolving. At least by the act of filtering.

  6. This is technically a “rip-off” of the shocknife (wich is probably a rip-off of something else), a commercial training system meant for LEO and military.

    If the electrical part was of the thing was so dangerous, I don’t think such an invention would have been developed commercially in the first place (albeit the shocknife isn’t made of somewhat sharpened steel unlike the creation those gentlemen).

    Remember, electron follow the path of least resistance, wich pretty mean the ~1in of flesh between the electrode. His heart should be fine unless someone perforate his chest with the sword, and I’m pretty sure a few rogue electrons would be the least of his concerns if such an event ever occurs.

    1. The part people are worried about is where he touches the two sides with his two swords. There is no metal short or inch of flesh and the blood has a much lower resistance than the flesh around so it takes the less direct route across his heart.

  7. I have to say, the sparks on the cutting edge looked f’ing intimidating.
    Honestly though, I’d think if you were close enough to tase a person, you could have already stuck them like a roasted pig with that blade.
    Seems like placing a bayonet on a cluster bomb.

  8. I’m a giant weenie and this offends my sensibilities. In the future, could you please only share hacks that involve making furbies cuter? Also change the name of the site, I find the word “hack” intimidating.

  9. Proof that Darwin was wrong. According to his evolution theory, humans evolved from monkeys. This is yet another “hack” that proves that monkeys are not remotely as stupid as many humans (firstly they don’t do stupid crap to hurt themselves, and secondly their first concern when doing non-stupid crap is to do something useful that enhances their standard of living). My theory is therefore that monkeys evolved from humans.

  10. This is fucking awesome. Perhaps you should consider constructing it in a manner that allows you to keep the blades seperate. So as to make contact on opposite sides of the opponent forcing the current to travel through the body more. Much like when you touched the taze blade on both sides with your non lightning embued blades.

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