Cardboard Lampshade Makes Ordinary Recycling A Centerpiece Of Your Room

This cube lamp was assembled using common cardboard. Not only does it look interesting, but it’s basically free with every Ikea purchase since all you need is a source of cardboard, cutting implements, and glue.

[Lindarose92] fabricated the shade out of narrow strips of corrugated cardboard. This particular lamp also has a cardboard base but we’re sure you could use it for just about any light source with doesn’t generate enough heat to cause problems. The build starts out with the tedious process of cutting 5mm by 8cm strips, and you’re going to need a lot of them. Each strip is cut perpendicular to the corrugation, which allows the light to shine through the wave pattern. The strips are then glued into 8cm x 8cm squares, which are in turn glued together into the four by four panels that make up each side of the cube.

Boom, you’re done. And if you get tired of it, just toss the thing in your recycling bin.

[via Hacked Gadgets]

5 thoughts on “Cardboard Lampshade Makes Ordinary Recycling A Centerpiece Of Your Room

  1. It would be super easy to make those strips using a laser cutter to slice up a sheet of discarded cardboard and with the right settings you get almost 0 charring… I really must try that. Love the concept!

  2. That’s really cool. You could probably get a more uniform look if you used corrugated plastic, but cardboard is much more common (which fits better with the recycling idea).

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