Remote Control Command Center Includes RF And IR Functions


We’re still not quite sure what to call these projects, but as we’ve said before, it’s a pleasure to see what people are doing to use one remote control to rule them all. The project being developed by [Kalle Löfgren] seeks to simplify the remote controlled items in his home by combining all control into one smart phone app. The linchpin of the system is this command center which lets a smart phone send IR and RF commands to various devices (translated).

We’ve seen this done with pretty beefy microcontrollers, like this project that uses a PIC32. But the communications going on between the smartphone and the base station are very simple, as are the remote control commands which are being relayed. So we’re not surprised to find that this setup just uses an ATmega88, IR LED, Bluetooth Module, and RF module. There is no connection to a computer (the USB simply provides power via a cellphone charger). If you’re interested in how [Kalle] sniffed the protocol for each remote he wrote two other articles which you can find in the write-up linked above.

9 thoughts on “Remote Control Command Center Includes RF And IR Functions

      1. I think the google translate link does a fair job translating the text to English (i’m Swedish btw.), some words are messed up but it should be understandable to anyone with some technical knowledge.

        1. It is actually really understandable :) For some reason my google translate will pick up the language wrong, at first it said Swedish, then for some reason changed to German when it translated, like, what the heck?!?!

    1. No, that’s not correct!
      The PC receives commands from the android, which it forwards to a transmitter (connected to an Atmega88 via USART), which brodcasts the data with a RF Transmitter to the RF Receiver on the remote control, which has a similar setup with an Atmega88… The remote only gets power from the USB-Port.

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