Super-precise Light Painting From A Delta Robot


The points of those geometric shapes line up perfectly thanks to the delta robot arm controlling the light source. The source is a simple LED that can be switched on and off as it moves. A camera is set up in a dark room to keep the shutter open while the arm moves. We’re assuming that all of the light for the stationary objects in this image comes from the LED as well.

[Sick Sad] built the delta bot for just for this purpose. Check out the video below to see, and perhaps more importantly hear, the thing in motion. Seriously, the whine of the stepper motors is pretty awesome on this one.

The delta concept uses a central head on three arms angled down from above. If the LED is also pointed down it won’t light up the hardware and that’s why it doesn’t show up in the image. We’ve seen similar accuracy when using this style of machine for 3D printing. But if you don’t want to build a complicated machine you can try this out with a simple string plotter.

13 thoughts on “Super-precise Light Painting From A Delta Robot

    1. Thank you, it only began to sound so good once the inverse kinematics were implemented directly on the microcontoller, previously they were done on the computer and effectively bit-banged to the machine over serial which resulted in imperfect delays between steps and a much rougher sound. I was also able to debug the kinematics partly from the sound of the machine, it would often just sound “wrong” when I’d made a mistake.

    1. totally agree that would be quite rad. I’m even sure a halls effect sensor will show something cool in the magnetic spectrum too. If possible, if the sensor is a vector, then draw a many arrows in free space too.

      Or you could use,
      radio emission (via frequency counters)…
      gases (gas sensor)
      pressure (strain sensor)
      air pressure (air pressure sensor)
      humidity (humidity sensor)
      magnetic (magnetic sensor)

  1. I recently built a Rostock Max. Designed a part yesterday evening. Fell asleep watching it print. Woke up to a finished part this morning at 5am. Life is good.

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