Web Interface For The FRAM LaunchPad

webUILaunchpad The Internet of Things is here in full force. The first step when adding to the Internet of Things is obvious, adding a web interface to your project. [Jaspreet] wrote in to tell us about his project that adds a web interface to his MSP430 based project, making it easy to add any project to the internet of things.

Creating a web interface can be a bit overwhelming if you have never done it before. This project makes it easy by using a dedicated computer running Linux to handle all of the web related tasks. The LaunchPad simply interfaces with the computer using USB and Python, and the computer hosts the webpage and updates it in real time using Node.js. The result is a very professional looking interface with an impressively responsive display that can control the on-board LEDs, read analog values from the integrated ADC, and stream accelerometer data. Be sure to see it in action after the break!

We could see this project being expanded to run on the Raspberry Pi with a multitude of sensors. What will you add a web interface to next? Home automation? A weather station? Let us know!

10 thoughts on “Web Interface For The FRAM LaunchPad

  1. Raspberry Pi, javascript where it shouldn’t be, Internet! of! things!. Internet of things web interface running on a linux computer (isn’t that just The Internet, minus The Things?). We can see this project being ‘extended’ to use a Raspberry Pi. I can see it be extended to use a beowulf cluster of raspberry pi’s? Maybe you can’t because you program in PHP rather than ruby, although I heard blogs are better written in Clojure now. What’s the difference between Python and an LED? I heard it was the price and one of them doesn’t use an arduino. But we can see it being extended to use an arduino. What’s an Atmega? Doesn’t sound as good as an arduino. Let’s turn on this LED with a Pi instead because we want to hack the fossil fuel usage to make it higher than it needs to be. But the atmega doesn’t have a wearable twitter api, it must suck. Node is the new assembler, see? C. The things of the internet need to have a cold shower.

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