HOPE X: Hackaday Shirt Gets Hacked At Hacker Convention


In my last post I mentioned that we are meeting a lot of interesting people here at HOPE X. One of those interesting people is [Miriam] who is performing Logo Removal in the vendor area. If you don’t know what that is, you are not alone, neither did we. She doesn’t much like the idea of being a walking bill board for any ole company and has been removing logos from cloths for a while now.

[Miriam] did us a solid and removed a logo from one of the shirts we are giving away. The process starts by flipping the shirt inside out. A piece of scrap fabric larger than the logo is pinned in place in the logo area. The shirt is then flipped right side out and a shape is sewn around the logo, joining the shirt with the scrap fabric. Scissors are then used to cut the logo out of the shirt being careful to only cut the shirt and not the fabric underneath. The shirt is then flipped back inside out and the excess scrap fabric is trimmed away. That’s it.

What about the shape? [Miriam] likes to make them up as she goes along and admits that they aren’t anything specific. She likes the design to be whatever the viewer feels it is. It’s a fun project that invites conversation.

Leave us a comment below telling us what you ‘see’ in the now non-HaD shirt shape.

Logo Removal at HOPE X

Logo Removal at HOPE X

Logo Removal at HOPE X









52 thoughts on “HOPE X: Hackaday Shirt Gets Hacked At Hacker Convention

    1. If it is a cotton shirt then acetone works. It may also take out some color, but no logo. IU don’t expect you would get good results with a shirt that contains poly, but I have never tried it.
      Acetone is wonderful if it is used carefully.

        1. Heck, just stick your hand in it. The stuff goes straight through you skin into your bloodstream. I can’t even imagine how much fun a heavy duty solvent running through your body would be. My cell membranes are popping as I think about it.

          I gotta party with you and your friends. Should be fun until people drop dead or start drooling.

  1. I certainly appreciate the sentiment, but I hope this doesn’t catch on too much. I like my freebie shirts, but the companies do it to get their brand out into the world. If they think everyone is just going to cut the logo off they will stop doing free t-shirts.
    I realize that one person doing this won’t affect much, but if it becomes a thing then I won’t be able to find as many freebie shirts. It is just a trade-off, being a walking billboard for free clothes.

    1. Doubt it. Too much work for most people. Anyway, it seems like bigger stuff like t-shirts are far less plentiful than, say, 1999-2000. It’s sick, but the homeless in San Jose were like Cisco ads all over the place.

      1. Not terribly sure that homeless people wearing Cisco shirts was the message that the marketing department was trying to communicate, but I never did care for Cisco anyhow. Thanks for the comment. That is funny in a kind of horrible way.

    2. To be honest this is going to slowly become more common with our culture. Read the book “Branded” for some context. There are a lot of people out there, freebie shirts or not, that don’t like being walking billboards apparently. I’m kind of indifferent, but there are some shirts and items that I don’t really care for the logo (e.g., The bag of Holding)

  2. Laudable idea but too much work needed. I would patch something like “Justin Bieber’s dog recommends…” above the brand name or a “brings cancer / kills your kitten / etc.” below:)

  3. This is good for those shirts that you get as gag gifts that you wouldn’t normally wear, or perhaps the shirts that are date apropriate like “Lordy, Lordy look who turned forty!” or some such thing. Perhaps even taking the logo off of an old shirt that you love (ie. old concert T-shirt) but has other damage like pit stains, and puting it on a newer shirt…. I like it.

  4. Reminds me on the book “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson where the main character has a psycholocial fear of logos so shes removes them from all her clothes :-)

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