Flite Test At NYC Maker Faire

NYC Maker Faire may be a no fly zone this year, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the Flite Test Crew. We met with Flite Test outside their tent in the R/C and drone area of Maker Faire. [Josh Bixler and Alex Zvada] are two of the hosts of the popular YouTube channel. [Josh] is also well-known for his R/C plane designs, such as the Bloody Wonder and Simple Storch. In addition to hosting, [Alex] is the graphic designer Flite Test. He is also an ace quadcopter pilot, and can be found flying his 250 sized chase quad in many episodes.

Most of Flite Test’s designs utilize Readi-Board, available at Dollar-Tree stores around the USA and Canada. The Flite Test crew is working directly with the manufacturer of this foam to make it, and their designs available all over the world.

The team also takes up incredible challenges such as a flying toaster which actually works, making toast as it files. Their flying cinder block is not to be missed either. Their biggest challenge to date was the Google Project Wing + Amazon Prime Air mashup. The video featured a drone that delivered a drone that delivered a drone that delivered a drone that delivered a stick of gum. Matryoshka dolls have nothing on these guys!

10 thoughts on “Flite Test At NYC Maker Faire

  1. Guys, if you don’t know Flite Test, and want to get into RC flying/building/etc, be sure to check their website and youtube channel, there’s an incredible amount of information there, the team is very talented and funny. I love their show!

  2. You’re asking that question on a website called “Hackaday”, which successfully bucked the negative connotations of the word “Hack”. The same thing will happen with drone. I’m not going to start calling straight R/C planes drones. However when you get into quadcopters with advanced flight controllers, the lines not cut and dry. In the end, they’re all Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS).

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