Casting Engagement Rings (Or Other Small Metal Parts!)

How to cast rings

[Paul Williams] wrote in to tell us about his most recent and dangerous endeavor. Marriage.

As a masters student in Mechanical Engineering, he wanted to give his wife (to be) to be a completely unique engagement ring — but as you can imagine, custom engagement rings aren’t cheap. So he decided to learn how to make it himself.

During the learning process he kept good notes and has produced a most excellent Instructable explaining the entire process — How to make the tools you’ll need, using different techniques and common problems you might have. He even describes in detail how to make your own mini-kiln (complete with PID control), a vacuum chamber, a wax injector and even the process of centrifugal casting.

While soup can forges are probably the easiest to make, we love the simplicity and DIY Kilndesign of [Paul’s] Kiln — professional but on a budget.

He can’t take all the credit though, as [Wolfgar77] showed him the way.

Oh yeah, and after all the blood sweat and tears that went into the ring… She said yes.

12 thoughts on “Casting Engagement Rings (Or Other Small Metal Parts!)

    1. I said “I have a garage project that I need to keep confidential” – pretty lame excuse in hind-sight, especially since she pretty much figured it out on her own anyway (I’m such a bad lier, plus she hates not knowing about surprises).

  1. Wow. This is almost identical to what I did about a year ago for my (now) wife. Our kilns look almost identical, except for I made my own pyrometer ;-). Very nicely done! I always think about making it a new hobby.

  2. Great hack! For those of us who aren’t ready to go into such lengths, you can get quite affordable custom rings by ordering from Shapeways. IIRC the gold doesn’t cost much more than the price of the metal, and the silver is even more affordable.

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