That’s No Moon Pumpkin, It’s A Space Station

Pumpkin Deathstar

Every year, Vitamin T holds a #ATXPumpkinChallenge for creative agencies in and around Austin. Each team was given a fake pumpkin and the challenge of making a 15-60 second video. As the reigning champions from last year, [SiteGoals] had to up the ante. So they launched a pumpkin into space.

Pumpkin DeathstarWhen first given the challenge, it only took the team 3 simple words to get started. Pumpkin. In. Space. What followed was a week-long frenzy of preparing the pumpkin for its maiden flight.

The pumpkin itself is pretty simple. A plastic jack-o-lantern painstakingly painted and detailed to look like the third Death Star. This is makes the title of the project a double-meaning: “Return of the Pumpkin”. They even included iconic spacecraft flying around the equator of the immensely powerful yet questionably vulnerable orb of destruction. Simply launching the pumpkin into space wasn’t enough. They built in a telemetry system and GoPro for recording the voyage. Stick around after the break to see the very entertaining making-of video, set the tune of the Cantina Band.

And of course to see the final production of “Return of the Pumpkin” you’ll have to head over to Music Meets Video where you can also vote on the project if you so choose.

If want to see more Star Wars themed pumpkins (we expect there will be a lot this year), you can’t forget this awesome R2D2 pumpkin — complete with pico projector! We want to see many more pumpkin hacks so please tip us off about the ones you’ve seen are are working on right now!

[Thanks for the tip Slapplebags]

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