Is It A Haunted House Or A Video Game?

[Rich Fiore] didn’t want just another set of spooky decorations for his house. He wanted something interactive. By combining a projector and some IR sensing, he turned his whole house into a Halloween-themed shooter.

Technical details are sparse, although some other sites are reporting that a projector and a camera take care of the graphics, while a modified Wii remote and an IR gun handle the crosshairs and the targeting.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. If you shoot a window, you’ll hear (and see) the glass breaking. Shooting the side of the house makes the (virtual) siding blow off, revealing the insulation beneath.

It wasn’t clear if the graphics are a simple projection or if there is some Pepper’s Ghost magic going on. [Rich] says he plans to add more (and smarter) characters soon. Maybe he could even add a Kinect to put a ghostly version of the player up on the wall.

4 thoughts on “Is It A Haunted House Or A Video Game?

  1. That is projector mapping and using a very high end projector. you need really good brightness to wash out the real objects details, but you can still see the window mullions when the ghost is near the windows.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I am using a 2200 lumen projector at a pretty low resolution 1024 X 768. The mapping is not matching 100% as you can see the window sill when the ghost crosses in front of it. This video was a demo of the the mapping, tracking, and overall effect. The current demo had ghosts you can hit, fire if you hit the house too often, and slightly different audio. The gun controller has a range of about 35 feet from the infra-red markers. Thanks again for the comments

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