Knappa Tutu: Some Dancing Required

Sometimes, you see a lamp shade and you’re just intoxicated enough to put it on your head like a hat and dance around on the table. Other times, you see the same lamp shade, and decide to wire it up with Neopixels, an accelerometer, and an Arduino and make a flowery, motion-activated light show when you wear it as a dress. Or at least that’s what we’ve heard.

[Cheng] gets full marks for the neo-IKEA name for the project and bonus points for clean execution and some nice animations to boot. The build is straightforward: build up the lamp so that it fits around your waist, zip-tie in the RGB LED strip, and connect up accelerometer and microcontroller. A tiny bit of coding later, and you’re off to the disco. It looks like a ridiculous amount of fun, and a sweet weekend build.

knappa_tutu-shot0001The code is up on GitHub if you’re doing your own accelerometer-to-color-patterns device. Tweak the animations and make them your own, or just leave them as-is and count on your individualistic rump-shaking skills to avoid the eventual embarrassment when someone else steps into the club wearing the same dress as you.

Oh, and we love this image of the builder wearing the dress, lit up, with laptop in her hand tweaking the code. “Dress up and debug” indeed!

Thanks [Michael Philetus Weller] for the tip!

12 thoughts on “Knappa Tutu: Some Dancing Required

      1. Speaking of which. Have you noticed the number of comments for the USB killer article compared to most of the articles in the past few days? I think I know where all the SJWs are focusing their efforts.

        The USB Killer idea has been covered extensively on HAD and this most recent article is simply about how it’s now on Kickstarter and yet so many people find so much to talk about. Odd. I think Brian just likes to wtch people get wound up over nothing.

    1. Ok: I’ll play SJW. A woman creates a project worthy of HaD (and it is), and you have to make the first comment be some pre-adolescent comment about her underwear? Not appropriate. Grow up, and quit being a jerk.

        1. Which is why we need people to do the SJW thing, ’cause yes, things like that (and the booty-shake critique below), while not crushing in and of themselves, do show people that your attention is not on their work, but rather on their whatever. If I was showing off my latest project and the first thing anybody asked was “How did you get that funny blotch on your face?” I would figure that guy was a jerk; after a few hundred repeats I would figure I was surrounded by jerks and take my talent elsewhere; if lots of people whose respect I desired/needed were jerks I would complain in hopes of getting support from the non-jerks to create a less jerky community. And then I would be called an SJW.

          Brian D.
          SJW membership ID: 6752839898915476Q

    2. You mean I missed a panty shot? SOB I must be slipping because my getting older. Seeing you brought it up it would be fair to suspect you may that pot calling the kettle black on the topic of SJW.

  1. Different, but untimely Halloween is past, a time where more women dare to vamp it up. With respect to the builder or model, builder/model, I don’t think the booty shaking was up to the billing.

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