Triple Monitor Travel Battlestation

[AbyssalUnderlord’s] schedule has him packing up and moving between school, home, and internships every three months. Not an easy task when your computer is a triple monitor CAD and gaming powerhouse. To make his moves easier, he built this portable computer / monitor frame.

The design started with a CAD model. The basic materials for the build are aluminum angle and steel-slotted angle stock. There was no welding involved in this build. Pop rivets, nuts, and bolts hold just about everything together. An angle grinder was used for all of the cutting. [AbyssalUnderlord] used drawer slides to move his monitors from stored to deployed position. The small red extensions at the end of the drawer slides allow the monitors to be positioned in a standard 3 wide triple monitor setup. It’s a clever design.

This schedule isn’t going to last forever so [AbyssalUnderlord] didn’t want to make any permanent mods to his tower or monitors. Blue camping foam acts as a cushion between the hardware and the new case.

We’ll admit that this isn’t the prettiest of builds, but it looks plenty rugged and it gets the job done. As mentioned in the Reddit thread, a few coats of spray paint would go a long way toward improving the aesthetics. Just don’t spend too much time playing Overwatch, [AbyssalUnderlord].

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19 thoughts on “Triple Monitor Travel Battlestation

  1. I admire the motivation & unique storage mechanism but there’s gotta be a less obnoxious framing solution than uni-strut.
    Do his monitors not have VESA/FDMI compliant mounting points on the back?

  2. Solves the problem, looks sturdy. And personally I kind of like the look of it :P Definitely broadcasts loud and clear to the world “I’m an engineer. Deal with it.”

  3. The Look is not for me. But I think it is great work. It looks like a art peace.

    I wanted to do something like that for my son, But he told me to goto H^ll very nicely.
    and it was for the fact that I would be me putting his system together after his attempt.
    He did get better at putting his computer together..
    And for me I am a open case type of man. I like everyone to be able to see my computers.
    I do like the way the monitors open. cool.
    Great job and keep it up.

  4. I would’ve suggested repurposed laptop screens to make it sleeker and add maybe an inch of thickness to the tower…

    A less diy approach would’ve been a gaming laptop and a “Slidenjoy”.

  5. I’m sorry but no, just no. It looks like no attention was paid to the bezel edge spacing, even being viewed from the top down it’s covering parts of the start bar.

    The construction is solid otherwise, but that one detail kills it for me.

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