Tear Gun Transmutes Emotions Into Firepower

Frustration is tough to deal with. When driven to the point of tears it’s sometimes a short step to lashing out irrationally. Focus in these situations helps, channeling your frustration into something useful. [Yi-Fei Chen] has done that — quite literally — by designing a gun that fires her shed tears.

The gun’s design manifested following a strenuous midterm presentation. Her insistent tutor drove her to tears as frustration clashed with the deep cultural values of her native Taiwan which prevented her from speaking up against authority.

A silicone cup resting against her cheek collects the tears which flow into a chamber of the gun to be frozen. Removing the safety slide preps the round to be fired by the pressure plate trigger on the gun’s rear. It’s simple and it works — tutors beware.

If you’d like to add insult to your injured enemies, this motion-sensing water gun tweets a photo of the victim.

[Via The LAD Bible]

28 thoughts on “Tear Gun Transmutes Emotions Into Firepower

    1. This is a more complicated question than it seems.

      The content Human tears vary depending on why they are produced (lubrication or basal tears versus emotional / psychic tears). Generally speaking, they have a similar salt content and Osmolality to human plasma, but include a vast array of proteins, enzymes, antibodies and lipids.

      But in short, at sea level around -0.5 degrees C.

      1. This is a myth. The exact composition of tears will change based on your body chemistry, just like any other fluid, but the notion that different emotions/situations cause different tears is just Facebook clickbait.

  1. Is the whole world plus the majority of the US ready to cry into a big hypothetical version of this and aim it at Don-Jon and the elephant’s rear? If a cat flap door can be an inspiration for an anti-nuclear doomsday bomb, this is also some idea to use now.

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