[Hari] Prints An Awesome Spider Robot

Although we have strong suspicions that the model’s designer failed entomology, this spider robot is very cool. [Hari Wiguna] made one, and is justifiably thrilled with the results. (Watch his summary on YouTube embedded below.)

Thanks to [Regis Hsu]’s nice design, all [Hari] had to do was order a hexapod’s dozen 9g servos for around $20, print out the parts, attach an Arduino clone, and he was done. We really like the cutouts in the printed parts that nicely fit the servo horns. [Hari] says the calibration procedure is a snap; you run a sketch that sets all the servos to a known position and then tighten the legs in place. Very slick.

The parts should print without support on basically any printer. [Hari]’s is kinda janky and exhibits all sorts of layer-to-layer irregularities (sorry, man!) but the robot works perfectly. Which is not to say that [Hari] doesn’t have assembly skills — check out the world’s smallest (?) RGB LED cube if you think this guy can’t solder. Of course, you can entirely sidestep the 3D-printed parts and just fix a bunch of servos together and call it a robot. It’s harder to make building a four-legger any easier than these two projects. What are you waiting for?

14 thoughts on “[Hari] Prints An Awesome Spider Robot

  1. This guy Regis Hsu spends a year developing it and does a great instructable for it. Another guy comes along, prints it, puts it together, and does a 4 minute show-and-tell video. Didn’t add to the design, didn’t do nearly a good a job putting it together and creatively decorating it.

    One guy does a great hacking job; one puts together a kit. Which one deserves a Hack-a-day article? :-(

      1. And before someone says put your money where your mouth is.
        There’s a picture of what I’ve been working on here.

        Hexapod, bearings in all joints, no play in joints. Horns embedded.
        3d printed and designed from scratch. Cad in freecad.
        No software yet.
        I’m terrible at documentation so havnt got round to publishing it yet.

    1. They both are sharing this article. Isn’t that allowed? Criticism on the quality of [Hari]’s print are even pointed out. All he had to do was print one out, thanks to this design by [Regis Hsu].

      And also, a YouTube link sells better than the many many ads on Instructables horribly ad-bloated site.

  2. I’m with Yeti, spider fail, if one is copying nature perhaps one could interact and observe it to ensure accuracy. Other than that, all in this is kinda cool even though more advanced type builds have been out for years. I mean if the fella were 10, then the impressed Meyer would be much higher. ;)

  3. Well, at least is peer reviewed right? That’s something. proving you can make something yourself is one thing, proving the design can also work in someone else’s hand is another.

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