Friday Hack Chat: Electronics Design And Naming A Puppy

For one reason or another, Hackaday has an extended family of ridiculously capable contributors. One of the most illustrious is [Bil Herd], Commodore refugee, electronic engineer, medic, and all-around awesome guy. He’ll be joining us over on this Friday for a Hack Chat on Electronics Design.

This Friday, we’re hosting a Hack Chat with [Bil]. If you want to talk Commodore, this is the guy. If you want to talk about PLAs and programmable digital logic, this is the guy. If you want to know how to build a system from scratch in just a few months, [Bil]’s your man. [Bil] has decades of experience and his design work was produced by the millions. You’ll rarely come across someone with as much experience, and he’ll be in our Hack Chat this Friday.

[Bil] has a long career in electronics design, beginning with fixing CB radios and televisions back when fixing TVs was still a thing. Eventually, he worked his way up the engineering ladder at Commodore Business Machines where he designed the Commodore TED machines and the amazing Commodore 128.

After surviving Commodore, [Bil] has worked at a trauma center in Camden, NJ, flown with medics in the Army, and eventually came over to Hackaday where he produces videos from subjects ranging from direct digital synthesis, programmable logic, active filters, and how CMOS actually works. Basically, if it involves electronics, [Bil] knows what’s up.

Oh, as an added bonus, we get to name a puppy this week. [Bil] got a new puppy and it needs a name. Send in your suggestions!

Here’s How To Take Part:

join-hack-chatOur Hack Chats are live community events on the Hack Chat group messaging. This hack chat will take place at noon Pacific time on Friday, June 16th. Confused about where and when ‘noon’ is? Here’s a time and date converter!

Log into, visit that page, and look for the ‘Join this Project’ Button. Once you’re part of the project, the button will change to ‘Team Messaging’, which takes you directly to the Hack Chat.

You don’t have to wait until Friday; join whenever you want and you can see what the community is talking about

40 thoughts on “Friday Hack Chat: Electronics Design And Naming A Puppy

      1. Just heard at the weekend about a friend’s dog called Askit.
        “What’s your dog called?”
        [to dog]”Hi doggie, what are you called?”

        Well, it appealed to my sense of humour/appreciation of wordplay…

        1. A former classmate named her dog “Cooper”.
          When upset, she’d say “Cooper, you pooper!”
          She said, in retrospect, that she was glad she didn’t name it “Tucker”.

    1. Call him “Jackie Tramel” if it’s true that you survived Commodore. I was VP University Marketing there and managed the “Three for two” deal. Dealers gradually learned – – the third free computer was usually a broken one.

  1. Our puppy is named Sarsipious. He should be called Old Timer after he ate my 555 cake I baked for a Summer STEM class I assist with around my neighborhood. Good choice on the little fluff ball there. ;)

    1. Sadly I pronounce it Betel Guise (Rhythms with metal grease.) which is hard to yell at the top of your lungs at 2:00 AM when the dog is in the neighbor’s car trying to find the hot wire.

  2. I can bet you that, within a year or two, that cute white spot on her chest will disappear almost completly. My Newfoundland looked exactly the same and now I am the only one that can find the leftover 3 or 4 white hair where her white spot used to be. They’re the sweetest thing though, very patient and smart. They look like big, slow dum-dum half the time but when they are motivated (food/danger), they spring into action like a light switch. My big dummy surprised me a few time.

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