Bluetooth Speaker In A Bag

[VanTourist] — irked by what he sees as complicated project videos — has demonstrated that you can build a high quality, multi-function Bluetooth speaker inside three hours.

Using simple hand tools — primarily a crimper, wire stripper, razor cutter and some glue — he’s packed this repurposed GoPro accessory bag with quite a bit of tech. The main components are a Bluetooth amplifier with a spiffy knob, and a pair of 15W speakers, but he’s also added a 1W LED flashlight, 1A and 2.1A charging ports, a battery charge monitor display, and pilot cover toggle switches for style points. Despite all that crammed into the bag, there’s still a bit of room left to pack in a few possessions! You can check out the build pictures here, or the video after the break.

Thanks to a 4400mAh battery, the speaker has a 20-30hr battery life when playing music, but mileage obviously varies if you’re charging devices and using the flashlight as well. A five-hour to charge time is probably a fair price to pay for a day and a night of music.

We’ve recently featured a sound-reactive speaker that guarantees appropriate party lighting. Or, pop on these goggles to really see the power of music.

[Via /r/DIY]

10 thoughts on “Bluetooth Speaker In A Bag

  1. And I can destroy blurtooth noise makers in 3 seconds if they are playing in the same soundspace that I am in.

    There, is a jammer that has a public use for something no one needs in an emergency.

      1. I get no flack from brother Bob when He’s being played in flac. It’s useless blurtooth degradation that is the curse. If done right it takes a whole WiFi channel and more batteries. Remember the file has to be uncompressed to be transmitted, so the bandwidth has to be twice what passes out of DtoA, or much more with loss of resolution modes.

    1. Nothing says “I salvaged a nuclear reactor control panel for this way cooler and more dangerous project” more.
      Now, to find one of those buttons behind the plastic lid that takes three keys to open.

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