Wonderful Sculptural Circuits Hide Interactive Synthesizers

When it rains, it pours (wonderful electronic sculpture!). The last time we posted about freeform circuit sculptures there were a few eye-catching comments mentioning other fine examples of the craft. One such artist is [Eirik Brandal], who has a large selection of electronic sculptures. Frankly, we’re in love.

A common theme of [Eirik]’s work is that each piece is a functional synthesizer or a component piece of a larger one. For instance, when installed the ihscale series uses PIR sensors to react together to motion in different quadrants of a room. And the es #17 – #19 pieces use ESP8266’s to feed the output of their individual signal generators into each other to generate one connected sound.

Even when a single sculpture is part of a series there is still striking variety in [Eirik]’s work. Some pieces are neat and rectilinear and obviously functional, while others almost looks like a jumble of components. Whatever the style we’ve really enjoyed pouring through the pages of [Eirik]’s portfolio. Most pieces have demo videos, so give them a listen!

If you missed the last set of sculptural circuits we covered this month, head on over and take a look at the flywire circuits of Mohit Bhoite.

Thanks [james] for the tip!

14 thoughts on “Wonderful Sculptural Circuits Hide Interactive Synthesizers

      1. Obsessive Compulsive, aka “anal retentive”… In this context someone fixated on the quality of their work, above and beyond normal standards of neatness or functionality. Can be used to denote someone who puts a large amount of effort into aesthetics.

        1. Referring to putting effort into how a piece of art looks as “OC” is kinda strange. You wouldn’t call it OC when aircraft engineers go to incredible lengths to make sure their plane doesn’t fall out of the sky, right?

          When the work is art, putting effort into the aesthetics _is_ the job.

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