Punch The World With A Raspberry Pi

Robots have certainly made the world a better place. Virtually everything from automobile assembly to food production uses a robot at some point in the process, not to mention those robots that can clean your house or make your morning coffee. But not every robot needs such a productive purpose. This one allows you to punch the world, which while not producing as much physical value as a welding robot in an assembly line might, certainly seems to have some therapeutic effects at least.

The IoT Planet Puncher comes to us from [8BitsAndAByte] who build lots of different things of equally dubious function. This one allows us to release our frustration on the world by punching it (or rather, a small model of it). A small painted sphere sits in front of a 3D-printed boxing glove mounted on a linear actuator. The linear actuator is driven by a Raspberry Pi. The Pi’s job doesn’t end there, though, as the project also uses a Pi camera to take video of the globe and serve it on a webpage through which anyone can control the punching glove.

While not immediately useful, we certainly had fun punching it a few times, and once a mysterious hand entered the shot to make adjustments to the system as well. Projects like this are good fun, and sometimes you just need to build something, even if it’s goofy, because the urge strikes you.



9 thoughts on “Punch The World With A Raspberry Pi

  1. Except that catharsis from violence is a fallacy. Once you have used violence to “feel better” it is far more likely that you will use violence the next time. And like any other temporary “fix” you will likely need to up the intensity after a few goes. This is one time that I used something from my minor at university!!

    1. I know, man. I started out using this page to punch the world a couple times to feel a little better, but now I can’t get my day started without going to the center of the closest park and punching the dirt for at least 15 minutes.

  2. Hardly punching “the world” those landmasses on the little globe don’t even vaguely resemble our planet. Was it deliberately vague so he could avoid giving people the temptation of timing their punches to take out continents/nations/cities/houses in which personal foes reside? That said, not many places are right on the equator,other than a tiny bit of south america (not the most populous part) and a mostly jungle part of africa. Looks like he’d need an extra few degrees of freedom to let people line up their fist.

    1. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Push on the Earth and it pushes you back. I guess we are witnessing that here. Its just that the plunger is much more stiffly mounted than the Earth. :-)

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