Ramen Pen Lets You Doodle With Noodles

Don’t write off your weird ideas — turn them into reality. For years, woodworkers have used pen bodies as a canvas for showing off beautiful wood. But what’s the fun in that? [JPayneWoodworking] made a pen out of Ramen noodles just to see if he could.

The process is pretty straightforward, as he explains in the build video after the break. He hammered the uncooked noodle mass into pieces small enough to fit a pen blank mold, but not so small that they’re unrecognizable. Then he poured in pigmented epoxy in orange, silver, and black. [JPayneWoodworking] chose those colors for Halloween, but rather than looking freaky, we think it makes the pen look like a bowl of beef broth-y goodness from a fancy Ramen place.

After adding the flavor packet pigments, he put it in a pressure tank to remove all air pockets. Once it sets up, the process is the same as any other pen blank — take it for a spin on the lathe, polish it up, ream it out, and fit it with the parts from a pen kit. We’d like to see the look on the face of the next person to ask [JPayneWoodworking] for a pen.

Want to get into woodworking just to make weird stuff like this? We don’t blame you. But how does a hardware hacker such as yourself get started? [Dan Maloney]’s got you covered.

25 thoughts on “Ramen Pen Lets You Doodle With Noodles

      1. It’s a pen. He made…a pen. He didn’t make the functional part of the pen, or make the pen do something it was not designed or intended for–he made the body. Out of noodles. Cheap ramen noodles. If I make a pen body out of say, dog turds, could I get on the front page of HaD? Is that all it takes now? Here, I’ll even give you the click bait title: Dog Poop powered Pen is a Real stINKer.

  1. It’s a nice and novel idea to make this ramen pen, the video shows how he did it and i am sure it will inspire others to make stuff and enjoy it. That’s what hackaday is about for me, don’t understand the negative comments.

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