Compact 3D Printed Hovercraft Is Loungeroom Floor Fun

Hovercraft come in all shapes and sizes. and while they’ve largely disappeared as a major commercial transit option, they remain popular in the hearts and minds of makers everywhere. [RCLifeOn’s] latest project concerns a compact, indoor-sized hovercraft piloted via FPV, and it looks to be brilliant fun.

The build consists of a 3D printed chassis, with a skirt cut out of a garbage bag and held on with press-fit clamps. Twin ducted fans are employed, one for propulsion, the other for levitation. A 5GHz FPV camera is nestled on top of the rear fan housing to provide a video feed for the pilot.

The craft was somewhat uncontrollable in initial testing. Tweaks to the weight distribution and the addition of a bigger rudder helped tame the rig. [RCLifeOn] also demonstrates a unique way of balancing damaged fan assemblies in the field; it’s a technique we’ll keep in the back of our mind for future use.

The trick to a good hovercraft build is light weight, big control surfaces, and a good skirt. You can even go off-book and use the Coanda effect, if you’re so inclined. Video after the break.

7 thoughts on “Compact 3D Printed Hovercraft Is Loungeroom Floor Fun

  1. Little FPV hovercrafts are a lot of fun :)
    But cutting the skirt and balancing is some horrible work…

    I made 3d printed one in a simliar style too but with 1106 motors instead of ducted fans and a bit simpler construction:
    STL and instructions are on thingiverse too but similiar to this one you need some tweaking.

    Not sure if the ducted or open fan is better. The ducted one might have a bit more pressure but is also larger.
    The best might be to add some stators under the fan.

      1. Sadly vast majority of my LEGO collection has been depleted to a few pieces after generations of snaggers and borrows. Not really into static models. Now if you have a link to an operational hovercraft made of LEGO ; that would be cool.

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