Gas Powered Blender Packs Real Grunt

Whether you’re into fruit smoothies or icy blended cocktails, a blender comes in handy when preparing these beverages in the kitchen. But, if a small electric motor can do the job well, a noisy combustion engine can certainly do it louder. This is demonstrated ably by this project from [JT Makes It].

The build is a steel-framed contraption, mounting a small gas engine of the type you’d typically find in a weed trimmer or other garden tool. It’s attached to a shaft allowing it to spin a blender blade at up to 41,000 rpm when unloaded. A stout metal container is mounted on top, along with a plexiglass lid to ensure the contents of the bowl don’t escape when the blender is in action.

It’s a fun build, and one that has no trouble turning a bucket of apples into mush in under 60 seconds. More realistically, [JT] is able to whip up several litres of blended cocktail without major effort, which would be great for parties. Though, we do imagine the burning oil and gas fumes does somewhat spoil the taste sensation. We’ve seen similar hacks before, like this nitro-fuelled pencil sharpener. Video after the break.

17 thoughts on “Gas Powered Blender Packs Real Grunt

  1. I don’t want to be “that guy”,
    but gas powered blenders are available commercially. (what is that Bingo number?)
    Useful for tailgate parties.

    That pedantry aside, Good Work!

  2. My favorite DIY blender posted here was a few years ago that used a 5 Gallon Igloo cooler mounted on top of a milk crate with a food safe garbage disposal inside the crate. That will be the one I build/recreate when I need something for a large gathering (post pandemic).

  3. This bad boy spins the blades at 41000 rpm and can turn a concrete block into a cement smoothie….oh oh oh no (Tim Allen Grunt – Home Improvement)

    Reminds me of when Tim turned Jill’s garbage disposal into a tree branch eating monster…

  4. I’ve got an electric one from the 60’s here, no safety features (you can blend your fingers if you want, running it with the lid off) and I think the motor would probably be able to start my car.. You need two hands to pick it up.. While you can’t put concrete in it (or I haven’t tried) for the food things done in this video it looks a little faster.. I’ve been using it since I was a kid..

    So they sad things is that we just don’t make many things for the kitchen with that level quality any more.. :-)

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