Infinity Mirror Hypercrystal Is As Beautiful As It Sounds

Sometimes, we feature projects that are full to the brim with advanced functionality or solve some tricky little problem for the end-user. Other times, we feature stuff that just looks super damn cool, and the Infinity Mirror Hypercrystal is firmly in that latter category.

This show-stopping build comes to us from [Inanna Malick], who put together the design using algorithmic and generative art techniques she’s been working on for years. The form is a non-symmetrical, non-platonic solid, with each of its eight faces laser cut from mirrored acrylic. Plywood sections are used to hold together the structure.

Initially, the build was illuminated from within by white LEDs, but [Inanna] wasn’t satisfied with the look, which was too rooted in regular human technology. They were instead covered up with transparent dichroic tape, creating the lurid shifting colors that do so much to add to the mystery of the legendary Hypercrystal.

The result is an infinity mirror piece that looks more advanced, more alien, and more luridly enticing than most we’ve ever seen. The dichroic shift placed on the LEDs goes a long way to elevating this sculpture to new aesthetic heights. Video after the break.

4 thoughts on “Infinity Mirror Hypercrystal Is As Beautiful As It Sounds

  1. Oooh pretty. I’d say there’s probably a market for selling those. I’m just envisioning something like that as a coffee table. Or even just suspended from the ceiling in a restaurant or lobby.

  2. Joinery needs work.

    Looks like IKEA, but no particle board to hide the gory details.

    Nice long linear seams, use glue and bevel the cuts. KISS. Make jig.

    Didn’t they used to sell similar mirror boxes at Spensors? Back in the ol’ days. Next to the pet rocks, lava lamps, and black lights.

    Anyhow, I’m inspired to make an infinity computer case. But it would only accent the dust collection.

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