Hackaday Wants You: Be A Supercon Volunteer

Spot the volunteers! (Hint: red shirts. And you know what happens to the red shirts…)

The Supercon approaches! If you are thinking of attending, but the cost of admission is too steep, one way to get in for free is to volunteer. That’s three wonderful days of events, two nights of partying, lunch, dinner, and of course Supercon. All you have to do is help us run the show.

Volunteers help out all around, giving out schwag bags, hustling speakers here and there, and just generally working behind the scenes to make Supercon super. We’re looking for three four-hour shifts over the whole long weekend,

So if you’re interested in helping out, and you’d like to get in free and get super volunteer-only gear to boot, put in your application now. We’ll be accepting volunteers until October 20th and getting in touch by email on October 24th.

Of course, we just announced the first round of speakers, we’ve got the badge reveal coming up, and much, much more. Follow along here, or at Hackaday.io/superconference for more info.

4 thoughts on “Hackaday Wants You: Be A Supercon Volunteer

  1. It is not for free.

    Yes, it is a low entry level and flexible, but still, a job. Please raise and spread this awareness thru young generation, thanks!

    (sorry if it sounded a bit passive aggressive)

      1. It’s not a job. It’s volunteering to help out at an event. The perk is that you get in free. And hopefully they’ll make t-shirts again this year, b/c that was pretty cool.

        We don’t want people to volunteer who would not want to attend Supercon.

        We’ve had _awesome_ volunteers in the past, and that makes all the difference.

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