Flipper Zero Hacker Tool Gets UI Editor For Custom Apps

[Mikhail] released a handy GUI editor/generator tool for the Flipper Zero multipurpose hacker tool, making layouts and UI elements much easier and more intuitive to craft up.

Those who decide to delve into rolling their own applications or add-ons will find this a handy resource, especially as it generates the necessary code for the visual elements. It’s not limited to placing icons, either. Boxes, lines, dots, text, and more can be freely laid out to get things looking just right.

To use it, simply drag and drop icons of various sizes into the screen area. Non-icon UI elements like frames, lines, text, and others can be placed with a click using the buttons. To move elements around, click the SELECT button first, then drag things as needed. To fine-tune positioning (or change the text of a string) a selected element’s properties can be accessed and modified to the right of the simulated screen. When things look good, switch to the CODE tab and copy away to use it in your Flipper application.

Unfamiliar with the Flipper Zero? It’s a kind of wireless multitool; a deeply interesting device intended to make wireless exploration and experimentation as accessible as its dolphin mascot is adorable.

12 thoughts on “Flipper Zero Hacker Tool Gets UI Editor For Custom Apps

  1. Shame they can’t get their shipments through US customs, and their sales site feels sketchy. I’d love to get my hands on one. Seems like mayyybe they’ll be back in stock for US sale mid to late december?

    1. I ordered mine a while back from their website and it arrived with no drama. The first few firmware revs had a number of issues, but the latest revs have corrected past issues and overall I am impressed with the device and its capabilities.

        1. You know how janitors often have a massive ring of keys? I cleanup digital messes, but I use mine as a digital keyring. It can emulate all the HID Prox cards I throw at it. It can also be used as a keyring in another way, it can be a U2F authenticator as well.

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