Forget ChatGPT And Play Rock-Paper-Scissors With Yourself Instead

Rock, paper, scissors game that uses servos to choose one at random for the computer.

This isn’t like the cool AI everyone’s getting caught up with these days, but we’re sure it will make a fun party gimmick nonetheless.

The premise of [CrazyScience]’s game is really simple, with three servos connected to labels that display rock, paper, and scissors, respectively. The game code is written to pick a label to display at random. Furthermore, an ultrasonic distance sensor detects when the player has moved their hand close to the game, indicating the player has chosen a hand and is challenging the game. The result of the game is decided by the player, so we imagine you could pretend you never lost and no one would know.

It would be cool to see the game support multiple players, keep score, or make sure you can never win. And you’ll probably want to add the randomSeed function in the code too. But that seems like a version two problem.

The only thing left to do is add some AI since that’s all we’re doing nowadays. But maybe you’re the type to enjoy the simple 8-bit pleasures instead. If you ask us though, we’d rather play with friends.

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