Commodore Datassette Does Barbershop Quartet

Okay, now this is just plain fun. [Linus Åkesson] modified a Commodore Datassette player to move its “mouth” and, when quadrupled, sing a clever barbershop tune called “Sweet End of Line” that’s a play on “Sweet Adeline“, a top hit from the summer of 1903.

What? Let us explain. Those with Commodore 64s who lacked disk drives often had the Datassette — a magnetic storage tape device, or cassette player used to load and save files. But they couldn’t open the doors themselves with a keypress, and they certainly couldn’t sing barbershop.

First off, [Linus] redirected the current that drives the magnetizing tape head through a speaker coil instead. Then he replaced the motor with a servo that opens the lid from the inside. A simple rubber band pulls the lid back shut. Software-wise, [Linus] is using a timer interrupt to run code that toggles the output signal, the rate of which determines the pitch.

Don’t worry — all of these modifications are reversible, so no Datassettes were truly harmed in the making. Don’t forget to check out the brief build/demo video after the break.

We’ve seen our share of tape players, but we’d never seen one with a crank until recently.

3 thoughts on “Commodore Datassette Does Barbershop Quartet

  1. Finally i’ve Seen one of These Datasettes. First i’ve Heard of them in the Comedy Programm of Kaya Yanar a German Comedian with Migration Background now living in Switzerland.

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