WiiMote + IPhone Update

Using a Wii remote as the controller for iPhone games? Brilliant! We’ve been waiting to see some creative usage of this pairing since we covered it back in August. [ZodTTD] is the person who ported MAME over to the iPhone. Now he’s added support for the Wii remote in Mame4iPhone via the BTstack project. BTstack seeks to add Bluetooth stack functionality to devices that don’t have it or where it is limited (the iPhone).

We’ve embedded video after the break of the WiiMote used to play a MAME game. [ZodTTD] is also the author of nes4iPhone, we hope that’s the next project he will add BTstack support to!

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(Remote Controlled Robot) Car Vs (solar Charged) Tank

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKFECpQ8asI%5D

[Matthias] sent in his team’s iPhone Robot (CAR) project in response to yesterday’s iPhone controlled solar charged tank. Unlike the tank, the iPhone car is controlled via Bluetooth BTnode and BTstack, and also isn’t solar-powered. However, both projects utilize iPhones and readily available components. We particularly liked how it not only used a multi-touch input, but also the accelerometer within the iPhone. It seems some competition is stirring, lets see who wins out.