On-the-go Tool Wallet

Whether you’re off to the local Hackerspace, or headed to a friend’s house to lend a hand with the latest project it’s nice to have your favorite tools in a handy package. [Mário Saleiro] decided to take the concept one step further than a toolbox by making his own zipper wallet with cutouts for his favorite tools.

The enclosure is a CD wallet, but who carries those plastic discs around with them anymore? After removing the CD sleeves [Mário] positioned his tools — in this case a pen, angle cutters, and pliers — on one side of the case to make a template. The tracings were then used to cut out pieces from an exercise carpet (we think this is like a rubber yoga mat). The square was glued to the side of the wallet, and some elastic band was sewn in to hold them in place. On the other side is a small components bin, and a little box to hold a tiny multimeter.

[Thanks Nuno]