Google Chrome webcast starts now

The webcast for Google’s new Chrome browser starts at 11PDT. The browser is supposed to feature better memory management. Right now they’re opening with Led Zeppelin and Queen, so I guess it’s supposed to be rockin’ as well. Download it for Windows here. Chromium source available here.

Interactive globe display

[ERASME] built this interactive globe interface for an exhibit on Inuit people and their land. The goal was to have a tactile input device to Google Earth data. The unit is composed of a half globe for location selection, a touch pad for layer selection, and a Wiimote for view changes.They had to develop their own driving application for Google Earth as none exists for Linux. The software, called KeyEvents takes inputs from all the devices and mimics keyboard and mouse control in Google Earth.

There is much more information on how they got the pieces to work together, as well as some videos in french showing the device working. One thing that stands out though is that they decided to use direct association on their Wiimote, thus stopping rogue Wiimotes from gaining control. Who would carry a Wiimote around just to hijack public displays? We would.

[thanks Leucos]


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