iPhone jailbreaks updated for 2.2 release

Working as quick as ever, the iphone-dev team have updated the PwnageTool and QuickPwn to work with the new iPhone 2.2 firmware update. The trouble with the new firmware is that it updates the baseband of the phone, which could potentially undo any progress made towards an iPhone 3G unlock in the future. If you don’t care about that, you can use QuickPwn to jailbreak your phone after the upgrade, so you can run any app you want. If a future unlock is important to you, use the PwnageTool to strip the baseband update out of the firmware update.

[photo: edans]


  1. whatsup says:

    How does WinPwn work?

  2. I can confirm, it works like a sharm again :)

  3. mrsayao says:

    marius, how do you back up your jailbroken apps and settings so that you don’t have to install everything again after your update/re-jailbreak? the last 2.1 update left me pissed off because i didn’t think to figuring out how to back my cydia apps up. thanks in advance for any info!

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  6. Otis Fister says:

    When I go to that site it says thank you, Steve jobs’ WTF?????

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