Global hackdays: tangible interfaces

June 6th is the date of the upcoming Global Hackday. This time, focusing on cheap tangible interfaces, mainly trackmate. They want as many people to join as possible, even if you’re not comfortable with code. We’ve covered the construction of the trackmate surface before, now build one and get in there and contribute.

Ubuntu gets Android apps

android-ubuntu-1 (Custom)

Canonical, the main sponsor Ubuntu Linux, is developing an Android execution environment to allow android apps on Linux desktops. There’s still a lot of work to do to get this running smooth, but they do have a proof of concept functioning, as seen above. This could be very nice for those who have linux netbooks.


[Scott] runs One of his biggest hurdles was producing real random numbers for the games. He had tried various methods like math.random and, but kept getting complaints about the quality of the random numbers. His solution was to build an automatic dice roller. His initial attempts were made from Legos and were never quite reliable enough to be put into the system. The Dice-O-Matic however has proven to be a random number generating monster. It is 7 feet tall and capable of 1.3 million dice rolls per day. Wow.

[thanks Troy]

Repurpose: a short documentary

This is a nice little documentary on hacking. Made by [Jack Oats], this video sheds a little light on hacker culture. Filmed in Foulab during a workshop, there’s plenty to to see and enjoy. Show this to all your friends and relatives that get confused when you use the term hacking.

[via NYCResistor]


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