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  1. Anyone know how todo this with the OEM Treo 600 USB cable? When you get it, there’s a dongle they want you to plug the wallcharger in and i would rather just use the USB power seeing how that cord cost $25…

  2. Anyone know how todo this with the OEM Treo 600 USB cable? When you get it, there’s a dongle they want you to plug the wallcharger in and i would rather just use the USB power seeing how that cord cost $25…

  3. if i had to guess, trace the pinout for the power on your treo cord to the usb pin for 5v. Do what i do and double check everuything i say, i dont need to be responsible for frying someone’s equipment

  4. Since the DS and SP share the same power cable, this is relevant to the topic at hand… on a few occasions, I’ve had an SP (or old GBA) go dead while playing a game on the GameCube. Have you or anybody else ever considered pulling parasite power off of the GC Link Cable to power the GBA or SP? I don’t know if the GC would pump out enough current to handle it, but I know it has +5v and ground connections, so it might be worth a try.

    I’ve done some searching around on the net, but haven’t found anything matching this sort of experiment. For the SP it would be almost identical to your USB power cable, while for the GBA you’d probably have to get a little creative and mount a DC jack somewhere inside it. I’d give it a shot, but am somewhat worried about blowing a regulator out in my GC if the GBA tries to draw too much power!

  5. I’m just a bit worried…

    Is this project reliable, or will it not work in some way or corrupt the DS? The only extra usb cable I have is a usb cord extension cable, and will that, or any other usb cable in the world, work?

    I’m just a bit worried about either losing my adapter, damaging the DS, or both.

  6. This didn’t work fo me and I did it step by step. I ruined a usb camera connector and GBA power charger. No odds though I have doubles of both. I’m going to try and fix it up whenevr I get around to it.

  7. thanks, great hack, im actually in argenrina now, with only 220v outlets, and so this was very helpful(i did not know this before i came). the power has to be limited somewhere though…i mean, does the usb port only pump out so much power, or does the usb cable itself sort of limit it?

  8. I finally felt like fixing it, so I did. it works great, the problem was that whenever I taped it up the ground was touching the +5v. fixed it no problem though and it’s awesome.

  9. oh, another thing i did was: i had a spare female usb port, whitch i spliced to the wall charger, and then made a usb cable power charger like mentioned above for my ds, so it works for either charging off usb ports, or outlets. also, the wall charger also works well for wall charging other usb devices like ipods and stuff when your away from a computer.

  10. i made one of these last night when i was bored, made it EXACTLY like yours, plugged it into my laptop, and the charging LED just blinked on and off then turned off and i dont know why. is it because i use a laptop, or do i have a bad cable?

  11. I bought own a USB cable to connect DS to my PC.
    It works as a power cable but I’m not able to “see” what’s inside a game card (.NDS and .SAV files).
    How can I do?
    Do I need a driver?
    THX, Giorgio.

  12. Dead link will try but hope i dont fry my new ds,

    giorgio this only is to power your ds to transfer data (im guessin you want to copy games) you need to get an R4 Or cycloDS or there are a few other card things.

  13. Do anyone know of a usb cable that would allow someone to connect to an external usb HDD?

    Maybe for use in conjunction with a homebrew mod.

    Use for video playing(with moonshell) or rom storage for game play?

    I was thinking that since Moonshell allows media playing on the DS and it has some sort of USB like port. I’d like to be able to play Videos and such directly off of my external harddrive instead of having to copy it over to the card.

    Of course, it would be great if Moonshell got compatability to play WMV or AVI files too.

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