7 thoughts on “DIY HD Projector How-To

  1. To get the lens to focus AND at be ‘fixed’ at the same time, can’t you use a motorised setup for it? … I don’t know the name for it, but it’s basicly the same principle that’s used to close the clamp of a vise… would look better if you have a 3 way switch on the projector: Zoom in – Idle – Zoom out. instead of havinf to manualy slude it and fasten some screw…just a thought

  2. You jacka$$!

    Sorry, had to get my rage out ;), this is the only reason I’ve been going through each day of posts for Engadget, and now you put up Part Five, the final chapter. But it’s not. I mean come on? Six parts? Ugh.

    Oh well, I’ll go and sulk in my corner now.

  3. What I meant was something like you use in the CNC project to move the ‘head’ with the Dremel in it. doesn’t have to be done with a stepping motor.. you’d probably need to make some gearing to make it more accurate when focusing depending in the size of the thread on the rod.

  4. loopymind: I think you are imagining a worm gear drive to electrically move the focus head. while I agree it would be cool, it would be a lot more work to design and the whole enclosure would have to be designed with it in mind. it would also unnecessarily add to the complexity of the enclosure, when you can just as well move the lens mount by hand.
    nice level of detail and ingenuity in this build (eg the slot-cut 1×2 LCD panel frame), i’ll be referring back to it once I get round to designing the enclosure for my own.

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