Wii Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sensor Bar

[duff] found this and sent it in. The video demonstrates that the Wii ‘sensor bar’ is just an array of IR leds. The actual sensor is in the remote control – which probably sends data to the Wii via RF. These guys faked the ir signal using a pair of standard remotes. This’ll probably open the door to some controller cheats as things progress. [Better than using a belt sander on a trackball.]

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51 thoughts on “Wii Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sensor Bar

  1. I could not get my tv remotes to work like that but I lit a couple of candles and voila, it worked!! My 6 year old son giggled and thinks this is so cool. Playing before school now. If only I could get a battery free remote. Oh well charging station on it’s way.

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