Self Parking Lego Mindstorms

er, [Hybrid] sent along this video of a lego mindstorm self parking car. I don’t think I’d want it parking next to my ride considering how much damage it did to the blocks. Man, I need to upgrade my legos. Sadly, this video just re-iterates one of the my problems with Youtube videos. Video posters tend to fail to provide links with more information about their projects/hacks. Via [techblog]
Update: [ralphn] found the car. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to find a space big enough to park in – when it does, it automatically parks.

Don’t forget, Prizes and glory await the winner of the Design Challenge. Just 12 days left to get em in.

Just a quick bonus hack: The giant altoids tin battery pack w/voltmeter. [Via Make]

8 thoughts on “Self Parking Lego Mindstorms

  1. A self parking Lego car? Jebus Kristy…I’m old enough to remember when Hack-a-Day actually contained information on, ya know, HACKING. The site where I learned how to crack into my Verizon cell phone and unlock features, steal WiFi and run XBox games from my HD now has a feature on a f*cking Lego car that rams into blocks whiel attempting to park. Amazing. Based on the last few weeks features they should rename this site

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