Dual Antenna Fonera Mod

Sometimes the simple hacks make me happy. [CyberZeroCool] sent in his lightly modded fonera router. He hijacked the antenna and pigtail from one of his bricked fonera’s. One hole and a bit of soldering later: dual antennas. Of course, we’ve no idea if he can even use them both, but if it’s possible, openwrt will save the day. Wireless bits can get expensive, so I’ve grown to like mods that don’t need them.

20 thoughts on “Dual Antenna Fonera Mod

  1. If by use them both you mean use which ever one has a higher signal strength, then I would say yes.. but until he mounts them in a different location, or changes them it wont really have any effect.

  2. Around a month ago, I too discoverd that there was an extra antenna pad internally, and added a TNC pigtail to it I had laying around. The stock Linksys TNC antenna definatly does a better job than the stock Fonera SMA antenna. The Beta DD-WRT firmwares have a diversity option, with the stock antenna being “Secondary” and the unused pad being “Primary”. Last week I put my whole creation into a empty Linksys WAP11 box, so I can now add it to my Linksys stack =]

  3. This looks neat, although I have an sort of off topic question. Is there anyway to fix a bricked router? I tried to do OpenWRT but it ended up failing. I have a USRobotics with that MAX thing they have i cant remember the number. also i cant RMA it because its passed. Thanks.

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