William Gibson Interviewed By Io9

Like many of you, growing up Neuromancer played a pivotal role in how we thought about the future and where “cyberspace” was going. Things have turned out very different. Although the underlying mass of data and consciousness is still there, it’s not the fully immersed 3D world some are still clinging to. [William Gibson], author of the seminal novel, has recognized this and readers will find his recent works like Spook Country, are set very firmly in the now, with technology like location sensitive augmented reality. io9 sat down with him during a San Francisco visit to talk about his fondness for Vancouver, the inability of authorities to maintain secrets, if his novels are really dystopian, and whether moving to Canada counts as draft dodging if you never get drafted.

8 thoughts on “William Gibson Interviewed By Io9

  1. you know what really pisses me off? every fucking comment thread starts out as “THIS is on hackaday?? REALY? u guys suck!” or “this is stupid for hackaday.” or “we need more hacks”.

    omg people, grow up. make your own damn blog then if you cant have a post here or there that is “outside the scope” of the damn blog. ive been reading this for a long damn time and have never felt compelled to complain about a single blog posting (until now, where i am complaining about the comments). Get a fucking life; if it doesnt interest you….MOVE THE FUCK ON.

  2. bp, I think this has everything to do with hackaday, you see, since I’ve read great novels like The Sprawl Trilogy or Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, most of my hacks have been inspired by this, and I think people making stuff like the Holovizio or Multitouch tables, bionic implants like Second-Sight, Biological Computer interfaces like the work of professor K. Warwick, etc. are also somewhat inspired by this kind of sci-fi novels.

    Inspiration is more than worthy anywhere IMHO.

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